Day 6: "30 in 30"

I struggled with this painting, starting more than once, perhaps because it had tension and strong emotion behind it.  Last fall, we added a new brown-and-white paint horse, Luke, to our herd.  After separating him from the other horses for a few days, in which they could only sniff over the fence, we decided it was time to let him get acquainted up close.  We put him in the round pen with our alpha gelding, Blue, a smoky charcoal-and-white paint horse.  They started out okay, sniffing and acting curious, but then, before we knew it, they turned their hindquarters toward each other and began an all-out kicking fight for dominance.  I had never seen this happen before!  My daughter snapped a photo and video as I jumped in to intervene.  Surprisingly, the smaller horse, Blue, won the round, and today he still maintains his alpha position.  It all ended well, as all of our mares and geldings are now good friends!

"Dueling Paints" 
11" x 14"