Day 1: "Ranch Rose"
Day 2: "Charolais Bull, Blue Moon Ranch"
Day 3:  "Headin' Home"
"Wild Daffodils, Blue Moon Ranch"
Pasture Dreams
Dueling Paints
"To Market, to Market"
Orchard Lemons
Day 9:  "30 in 30"
"Reflecting on Lake Springfield"
Day 11: "Eastern Sierra Mountains"
ATV Trail, Alamo Ranch
Day 13
"Tristan's Cow"
"Old Adobe, Highway 166"
"Breaking of Dawn, Sierra Madre Road"
"Ruiz Field Giant Oak"
"Through the Gate to Ruiz Field"
"Vineyard, San Marcos Pass"
"Peaches n' Honey"
"The Tack Shed"
"Springtime Hills, Blue Moon Ranch"
"Sunset, Cuyama Valley"
"Rodeo Study"
"Puppy Bubbles"
Day 26:  "Ranch Apples"
"Mail Order Chics"
"Waiting for Wine"
"In Memory of Biscuit"
"Fog Roll, Blue Moon Ranch"
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