Day 29: "30 in 30"

"In Memory of Biscuit," 8" x 10." This majestic Quarter Horse was the first horse to help us on our cattle ranch. Today I felt moved to do his portrait, and it will hang on our tack room wall in memory of his beauty, strength and friendship. Biscuit, aka Skeet Olena Sugar, was like a War Horse. He seemed to have nine lives. In his short life, he was bitten by a rattlesnake on his nose, tore his chest open on a barbed wire fence, injured his leg kicking the barn door, and fell eight feet down into a concrete well. He survived it all and seemed invincible. We loved Biscuit. But one sad morning he hobbled down the hill to breakfast and we discovered he had multiple fractures to his ankle. Had a coyote spooked him? Had he jumped over a ravine and landed wrong? We will never know. He was courageous to the end. And now he has his Pegasus wings.

 "In Memory of Biscuit"
8" x 10"