Day 25: "30 in 30"

Day 25:  Our loyal border collies are intrinsic to ranch life!  They help herd the cattle, keep us company and give us a lifetime of companionship. Our two borders, Penny and Peep, are happy and sweet, and the first thing they get when we leave the ranch is a bath!  That's why I wanted to paint this picture of a sweet puppy getting a bath in a tub at the ranch next to ours.  Our neighbors breed herding dogs, and this summer they had two separate litters a week apart--20 puppies to love...and bathe!  So we helped out by drying each adorable 6-week fluff ball as it came out of the tub.  This pup reminds me of our 13-year-old Penny when she was a pup.  I call this painting "Puppy Bubbles." 

 "Puppy Bubbles"
6" x 6"