Day 12: "30 in 30"

About three years ago, my husband and I had the opportunity to take a Jeep ride across the Alamo Ranch, off of Highway 166 near Santa Maria, Calif.  The expansive ranch consists of about 1,750 acres, which has been designated as a wildlife sanctuary. The ranch holds beauty at every turn, with soft grasses, majestic oak trees, and idyllic scenes from the Wild West.  I could just imagine Native Americans making their home here, and later, cowboys driving cattle across the hills and plains to the Cuyama River. Shortly thereafter, we found similar cattle property further down the road, which has now become our Blue Moon Ranch. This scene depicts our ranch at the top of Ruiz Field, as it enters the Los Padres National Forest.  The road begins to flatten out a bit after a steep, 1,000-ft climb. I call this painting "ATV Trail," because we often traverse it by ATV, due to the steep and winding off-road conditions.  However, we have traversed it on horseback in search of cattle!  

"ATV Trail"
11" x 14"