"Middleton Plantation Sheep, Charleston"
"Tristan's Cow"
"Charolais Bull, Blue Moon Ranch"
"Lady in Waiting"
"Calf Study"
"Ease on Down the Morning Road"
Buckwheat at the Old Adobe
Chicken Coop from the Kitchen Window
"Whitewashed in Gold"
Old Adobe, Highway 166
Grazing by the Still Mountains
Ranch Hands
Striking Distance
Ruiz Field Giant Oak
Out There
Romping Around
Red Barn, Goleta
Marked, No. 85
Nestled in the Hills
Papa Rooster
Watching Over the Brood
Old Highway 166
Rattlesnake Road
The Gatekeeper
A Day's Ride
A Summer Field
Bird's Eye View
Copy of "In Memory of Biscuit"
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